Hoshin Kanri

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Productivity Press ISBN 978-1-56327-301-8

Author and Editor in Chief: Yoji Akao

Dr. Yoji Akao, chairman and professor at Tamagawa University’s Department of Industrial Engineering, has been a primary architect in the design of several quality control methodologies, including quality function deployment and policy deployment (Hoshin Kanri). Hoshin kanri began its development during 1960-1965, as statistical quality control (SQC) transformed into total quality control (TQC). This edited volume was published in 1990 and provides in-depth examination of the implementation of hoshin kanri.

Hoshin kanri was devised to capture and consolidate strategic goals as well as insight about the future and develop the means to bring these into reality. Hoshin Kanri’s unique intention is to integrate an entire organisation’s daily activities with its long-term goals. This book there is an emphasis on the deployment process itself – the development of target, the development of means to achieve targets, and the deployment of both.

This book is not a systems manual; it is more of a compilation of examples. This book explains hoshin kanri through practical examples to illustrate the principles and offers certain points of caution.

Chapter 1: summarises to role of hoshin kanri in TQM promotion

Chapter 2: explains each step of the process of implementing hoshin kanri

Chapters 3 & 4: offers special cautions regarding implementation

Chapter 5: presents case studies of specific implementation efforts for actual companies

Chapter 6: a round table discussion – Hoshin Kanri as a part of TQM

Any company establishing a hoshin kanri system should refer to the case studies in Chapter 5 to create a system that is tailored to its own conditions.

In summary, this book is not an easy read however, the tools, techniques, and examples are all there. Building a system to start long term business growth is also not a simple task. The hoshin kanri system is an essential part of getting started.

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