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Gardner Advisory – delivering significant and sustainable business improvement solutions

With over 40 years of business improvement experience in the manufacturing sector, imagine what we can do for your company.

About us

Peter Gardner (Managing Director), has worked across a wide range of industries from steelmaking to consulting – from metal fabrication to automotive components manufacturing. This experience covered Australia, UK, and extensively across the Asia Pacific region.

Peter is a professionally qualified engineer with over 40 years of management and manufacturing experience.

Experience makes the difference.

Peter Gardner


Driving performance must ultimately lead to a stronger and more robust business. Focussing onlyon selected elements may not unlock the full potential of your business. Driving improvement in ROE or Asset Efficiency or other similar, high-level KPI can highlight priority areas in your business to focus on while also addressing other related inputs.

A doubling of ROE should not be an unexpected outcome from a thorough analysis and implementation of a detailed improvement plan.

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Industry 4.0 techniques for achieving more from you production facilities have been available for some years but rarely they have they been integrated to provide the feedback loops to deliver genuine improvement in Quality, OEE, maintenance downtime, etc.

Building relevant sensors, controls and other devices into the machinery and tooling of your production equipment and linking this centrally can provide fast responses to problems and lead to dramatic efficiency gains.

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Firstly, Lean Management is not the application tools and techniques such as JIT, SMED, QC, 5S, etc. Lean Management is a philosophy about how you want to manage you business for optimum performance. Once this is firmly ingrained across your business then the tools and techniques can considered for solving specific problem and improvement areas.

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Risk in business is ever-present. Risks are appearing everywhere these days and will be a combination of “Manageable” and “Unmanageable”.  Gardner Advisory can help you focus specifically on the non-financial risks.

Identifying issues, incidents and risks, understanding their likelihood and impact and developing mitigation plans, is paramount. Escalating risks through the organisation to create the required urgency.

From Boardroom investment decisions through to major and minor projects, risks need to be understood, evaluated and mitigated. Objective risk measures can be developed for your business to take the guess work of low/medium/high assessments away.

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Project Management is a very sophisticated discipline in the 21st century. Gone should be the days when a manager comes to you towards the end of a project and says “…we are running Y months late and $X dollars over budget”.

Unfortunately it can still occur – lets put a stop to this in your business.

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Industry Experience

Experience covering a wide range of industries from Mining Supplies, Steel Making, Metal Fabrication, Automotive Components.

New plant design and Plant Expansions. Plant layout for optimum Lean Performance.

Supply Chain
Supply chain and Inventory optimisation, Purchasing Negotiation.

Components manufacturing: steering, exhausts, wiring harnesses, engine parts, steel brake tubes and steel & plastic fuel tubes.

Industrial Machinery
Manual, semi-auto and fully automatic machines to support all volume and market situations including Industry 4.0 as required.



Unlocking potential through tailored training to support your business objectives. For example:

  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Project Management
  • Hoshin Kanri (Management of Objectives)
  • Lean Management

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Personal Leadership Coaching
  • Mentoring for performance improvement

Advisory Board Support

Bringing Manufacturing, Operations and Performance Improvement expertise to your Advisory Board

Contact Us

Australia 0409 773 098
International +61 409 773 098